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Guardian Alert - How It Works

This life saving device requires no charging ever - and operates one year on a single battery. It will shut down automatically if ever left on. It is completely splash resistant and will voice prompt you through dialing, shutdown, system test and battery test. It is the most effective, safe, and efficient Personal Emergency Response System you can buy.

  • Talk Directly through Your Pendant to a 000 Emergency Operator at the Push of a Button.
  • In an emergency, press the activation button on the Guardian Alert. The pendant immediately calls 000. Within seconds, you speak directly with the 000 operator through the Guardian Alert.
  • No charging necessary. Replaceable lithium battery (included) lasts 1 year in standby or for up to 30 minutes of talk time. Optional Accessory:
  • #30912 Battery Backup - Provides up to 24 hours of standby power to the Guardian Alert 000 base station during a power outage.

Installs in Minutes, No Tools Required

  • Guardian Alert enables you to call "000" in an emergency situation, (accident, fall, illness, or danger) and speak directly to the emergency operator. You talk directly to the emergency operator, not to a call centre.
  • Guardian Alert requires no monthly monitoring or service fee. Guardian Alert works just like a cordless phone on any standard phone line with 000 service and tone dialing.
  • Guardian Alert can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket at all times. To avoid accidental activation, the activation button is recessed and must be depressed for a minimum of 2 seconds to turn the alert on.
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